iPod Family

The history of iPod development dates back to 2001. Let’s investigate the whole process from its humble beginnings.


The first generation iPod had only 5GB of storage space. It was immediately reproach for being too expensive. It featured a 1.8-inch hard drive, 32MB ROM, 32MB of RAM, monochrome 160 x 128 LCD and the mechanical scroll wheel. iPod was FireWire at first


The second generation iPod appeared in 2002. It offered 10GB of storage space at a price of $499. It included a non-mechanical scroll wheel. The most innovating was Windows support.


The third generation iPod came to world on April 2003. The new iPod features a remote and dock connectors. It got rid of mechanical buttons. It came with 10GB, 15GB, and 30GB at correspondingly $299, $399, and $499.


By 2004 the iPod mini appeared. It had a 1-inch hard drive, 4GB of space, and click wheel. Its great advantage was the price of only $249.

The First iPod U2 2004

In November 2004 Apple introduced iPod U2. This special edition was launched to celebrate Apple’s partnership with the famous rock band. The new product came at $349, had an ability to hold 5,000 songs. It featured a black exterior, a red Click Wheel, and U2 band members’ signatures.


The fifth generation iPod appeared on September 2006. It differed considerably from its predecessor. It was much lighter and thinner, came with a new screen, video playback, and 30GB of storage for as much as $299, and 60GB for $399.

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